About BarCraft

What is BarCraft?

BarCraft is a phenomenon where StarCraft fans gather in a bar to grab a meal and drinks with friends and watch quality StarCraft matches being streamed live. Since the first ever event in Seattle May of 2011, BarCraft has taken over the global eSports scene with events across North America, South America, Canada, Europe, South Korea, New Zealand and Australia. BarCraft was the source of inspiration for the hosting of bar events for other game titles such as League of Legends and DotA 2.

“BarCraft isn’t something that can be written about effectively. You need to attend an event, have a few drinks with other StarCraft fans and chill out – that’s what makes BarCraft special and unique compared to watching it at home.”Matthew Wu

Oceanic eSports BarCraft

Oceanic eSports held its first BarCraft event on the 22nd of October 2011 in the heart of Circular Quay, Sydney. A swarm of 350+ eager StarCraft 2 fans flooded into Paragon Hotel to watch out the epic Grand Finals showdown of the 2011 October Global StarCraft 2 League, a number far greater than anticipated. With the Sydney community hooked on the thrill of BarCraft, Sydney BarCraft continues going from strength to strength, reaching a world-record turn out of 750+ fans in one event and has since, continued to hold the record.

BarCraft also offers a unique opportunity for fans to meet their favorite eSports personalities, whom they have only seen online. On the 12th of August, Sydney BarCraft was host to a Meet & Greet with the famous casting duo, Tasteless and Artosis, an opportunity many StarCraft 2 fans in Australia could only dream of. Many professional players in the Oceanic region frequent BarCraft events, giving fans a chance to meet their local stars!

In early 2013, Perth BarCraft, an event that was established shortly after Sydney BarCraft, joined the Oceanic eSports family, expanding the Oceanic eSports community to another region in Australia.