About Us

What is Oceanic eSports?

Oceanic eSports (formerly known as the Australian Pro League) was formed in mid-2011 with the vision of furthering eSports within Australia led by Peter Du. The Oceanic eSports team is full of avid eSports fanatics and gamers led by Peter Du who volunteer their time with the hopes of sharing their passion with the rest of the community. Their ultimate goal is advancing eSports within the Oceanic region. With Peter Du stepping down in 2014, the Oceanic eSports team is now led by Agus Berry whom joined Oceanic eSports in 2012 with the same devotion and passion to push the ultimate goal.

What does Oceanic eSports do?

With their initial focus on StarCraft 2, they facilitated three tournaments with over 200 players from the top echelons of the Australasian StarCraft 2 community participating. In 2012, Oceanic eSports was chosen to play host to the 2012 Blizzard World Champion Series qualifiers for Australia, which allowed them to host their first live show-match in the Sydney CBD. Although they hosted a number of tournaments, Oceanic eSports was more renowned for support of the social aspect of eSports.

Late 2011 saw the first ever BarCraft event in the Oceanic region, with Sydney BarCraft launching on the 22nd of October. Sydney BarCraft later paved the way for other similiar events in the Oceanic region with Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide and Auckland. Following the success of Sydney BarCraft, in late 2012, Oceanic eSports launch their second event title, Sydney MOBAR, which expanded their focus into League of Legends. Both Sydney BarCraft and Sydney MOBAR events were highly successful, with each event currently holding the global record for the largest attendance on record.

In 2013, Perth BarCraft, an event which had been running for almost as long as Sydney BarCraft joined the Oceanic eSports family. To this day, Perth BarCraft continues to be the only weekly BarCraft event in the Oceanic region. Following the success of Sydney and Perth’s bar events, Oceanic eSports launched a number of bar events in other cities within Australia, giving birth to Brisbane BarCraft, Brisbane MOBAR, Adelaide MOBAR and Melbourne MOBAR. 2013 also saw Oceanic eSports’ first major offline event, the ASRock’s M8 Sydney Showdown, paving the way for future events.

2014 will see Oceanic eSports set their focus on proving more consistent community orientated events and fostering local growth.